Rahab: An Example of Faith (James 2:25) ~ A Daily Devotion for January 28, 2014

“And in the same way was not also Rahab the prostitute justified y works when she received the messengers and sent them out by another way?” ~ James 2:25

Explanation of the Text: James moves from a discussion about the patriarch, to using the example of the prostitute. What a contrast! It is suggested that James moves this way in order to answer objections that may arise, in which Abraham is an impossible example.[1] Abraham was a great patriarch and unusual, thus the objection by many would have been that for a common man to maintain the standards of Abraham would be virtually impossible. Therefore, James also gives the example of Rahab, the prostitute found in Joshua 2.

Rahab is found in the narrative as Joshua sent out spies into the land of Jericho. Hiding from the king’s men, the spies hide in the house of Rahab, and she hides them and directs the king’s men elsewhere. James is calling attention to the same point that he was making with Abraham; Rahab expressed her faith in the one Lord (Joshua 2:11) but it was evidenced by her actions found in the previous verses (Joshua 2:1-10).

Examination & Application of the Text: In writing Hebrews, the author notes in 11:31 that Rahab was saved by faith. This is evident also in James. Like Abraham though, Rahab gave evidence of her faith. It is remarkable that God would sometimes choose people we would deem as the worst of society and use them for His glory! The same could be said about each of us. To think about who we were before we knew Christ, and yet as part of God’s sovereign plan, He has allowed us to participate with Him in that plan. Therefore, rejoice in your position in Christ today. While we need to be cognizant of our sin and the effect it has on our relationship with Him, we must also recognize that we have been set apart by Him, just as Rahab was. Let today and everyday be a day of thanksgiving for Him, and let it flow out of your life into others! Rejoice in the Lord!

[1] Roger Ellsworth, Opening up James, Opening Up Commentary (Leominster: Day One Publications, 2009), 99.

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