Weekend Expedition (May 1, 2015)

Courtesy of Big Fonu at Flickr.
Courtesy of Big Fonu at Flickr.

Not sure what to do this weekend? Hop on board and journey through the internet. Below are some of my favorite links from the week. Here you will find articles, devotions, videos and more that are sure to be a blessing to you. These are meant to be both fun and informative, and thus are not merely time-wasters, so I would encourage you to visit them and learn from them this weekend.

#1: Those Who Think Read: I am of the mindset that reading is crucial to a person’s growth. We should always be reading and learning. This of course begins with Scripture, but it should not stop there. This article is brief and hits on that very point.

#2: The Baltimore Rioters: This has been quite the news week from a Christian worldview. One of those top stories has been the Baltimore riots and the utter destruction taking place in that city. A good friend of mine wrote on that topic this week and is well worth the read.

#3: The Supreme Court Hears about Same-Sex Marriage: Another noteworthy news item? Oral arguments took place this week regarding the issue of same-sex marriage. There are a wide variety of responses out there (I’ve written two myself for two different websites which you can read here and here). Some of the responses I have read are quite phenomenal, but there is none better than Dr. Al Mohler. You can read a great article from him here but I would also urge you to listen to his issue of the briefing here (you can also simply read the transcript if you prefer).

#4: I Can Do All Things: There are many Bible verses that are often misquoted. I’m sure you can come up with several as you read this. Nathan Busenitz tackles the quote “I can do all things” from Philippians. He exegetes the passage and brings its true meaning to light for us.

#5: The Gospel Coalition Conference 2015 Media: The Gospel Coalition recently held there 2015 national conference. What better way to fill your weekend than by watching online videos of the conference and soaking in teaching from God’s Word. While I don’t agree with the Gospel Coalition on everything, mostly in regards to methodology, I think it is well worth your time to be challenged by these messages.

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