Weekend Expedition ~ May 22, 2015

Not sure what to do this weekend? How about taking a journey through the internet. Below are some interesting articles that will take you on a sightseeing trip. Educational and insightful, some will educate you about areas that you may not have known, others will challenge your current way of thinking, and still more they will push you towards a Christian worldview as they stimulate your relationship to Christ.

#1 Coffeehelpingmissions.comCoffee is something most of us love and now you can support missionaries while you drink it. Biblical Ministries Worldwide has launched a partnership in which 100% of the profits go to support missionaries. 75% of the profits will go to support a project in Indonesia to reach unreached people groups while the remaining 25% can go to the missionary of your choice. While of course I would love to have you support my family in this way, I am simply excited about this project and to see the money go to missions. So I would urge you to look into it. One note on it; shipping is fairly expensive, especially if you are ordering in small quantities.

#2 On Writing WellTim Challies is a well-known and prolific writer. In this blog post he shares not only tips, but shares about one of his greatest resources. Whether your write for others or for yourself, his tips are worthwhile to look into. From someone well-known for his writing abilities, why wouldn’t you take a moment to look into it?

#3 Why Mt. St. Helens is Important to the Origins ControversyAdmittedly, this one is a little more personal for me than most. I was born and raise in the Yakima Valley, a place noted as being hit the hardest when Mt. St. Helens blew. Although it happened before I was born, the phenomenal pictures and stories are very personal. However, after becoming a Christian, I enjoyed even more what Mt. St. Helens had to teach us from a biblical worldview. In that regards, I think it should be a noted source of information for every believer. Note: the article is a bit long, and for some may be a bit technical and uninteresting because of the scientific language; still it is a fascinating story in the context of creation.

#4 Are You Neglecting the Christian CommunityIt has often been repeated by many: “I don’t need to go to church to be a Christian.” There is a biblical mandate on the lives of believers to be actively involved with fellow believers, a point that is actually often missed fairly often. In a devotional by Chad Coley at glorybooks.org on Thursday, he addresses this topic with a strong application.

#5 The Great Suggestion or the Great CommissionOne of my common phrases is that the Great Commission is in danger of becoming the Great Omission. Is the making of disciples real to you or your church? Some great insights and questions to examine for yourself here that reveal a problem that is more significant and common than most are willing to admit.

#6 Doesn’t Egyptian Chronology Prove that the Bible is Unreliable?Most of us probably don’t give a second thought to Egyptian chronology. Yet it plays an important role in our understanding of the Bible. It is a serious enough topic that I actually set aside an evening Bible Study time and devoted it solely to this topic. Interestingly, less than a week later I was at a conference in which this was a key topic of presentation. It matters. This particular article from Answers in Genesis is actually straight out of their book, The New Answers Book 2.

#7 The Puritan Odd CoupleBanner of Truth has written a brief synopsis of the unique relationship between John Owen and John Bunyan. English Puritans with established legacies that impact us to this day, these men were prolific writers and influences in their own right. Yet, their relationship is one of unique character and backgrounds that came together in a powerful friendship demonstrated through actions for one another. It’s a compelling account of these two men.

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