Top 5 Articles for June 2015

In case you missed them, check out what everyone else is reading at The following are the top five read articles from June 2015, click on the title to open up the articles.

#5: A God Glorified Through RelationshipsReading The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel has been a very good and enlightening experience. Early on in our reading, John Flavel pointed us towards our relationships with others and how that reveals God’s Work.

#4: A Church Divided: Why Are There More Churches than StarbucksThe standing joke is that there is a Starbucks on every corner . . . although it isn’t entirely a joke. Have you ever noticed though that there are more churches than Starbucks? Consider the reason and impact here.

#3: Can God Be Female?The church is on a slippery slope and picking up speed. It is said that England is usually about 5 years ahead of us, including in their constant revision of theology. With recent calls to change Scriptural wording to refer to God not only as a male, another crisis for them is brewing. Is it headed here? Regardless, the impact is discussed in this article.

#2: The Consequences of Tolerance: How the United States Became a Creative Access Country ~Tolerance is having a unacknowledged side effect in the Christian world. It is forcing the country to become a creative-access country. This article was written in April and how fitting it is now in light of recent Supreme Court decisions.

#1: Awaiting the Verdict: How Our Faith Impacts Our Response to the Supreme CourtThe eyes of the world was on the Supreme Court last week as they handed down a verdict regarding homosexuality and marriage. Beyond the moral compass of it all, how are we as Christians to respond when the law of our land reflects the law of man?

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