Daily Devotion: Testifying for the Savior ~ 1 John 4:14 (August 24, 2015)

“And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world.” ~ 1 John 4:14
Explanation of the Text: We have a great privilege in experiencing the love of God. It is this love that testifies to the Holy Spirit’s work in our own lives (1 John 4:13). It is also this love from God that flows through us that reveals a God who nobody has seen (1 John 4:12). And now, as we have seen God’s love expressed through the sending of His Son, Jesus Christ, we also testify about it to others.
Examination & Application of the Text: In light of the explanations found during our study of 1 John 4:7-13, the exposition of this verse needs not go further.
There is no great substitute for proclaiming Christ apart from doing so with words. At some point one must use words in order to explain and direct people towards Christ. However, those words must be affirmed through the positive testimony outwardly expressed by love. Words accompanied by action provide the most profound testimony to be heard. Let us speak. Let us do. Let us proclaim Christ through all things.
Questions to Consider:
  1. How does your testimony testify to God’s sending of His Son?
  2. Do others look at your life and find themselves pointed to God? If not, why and what needs to change?

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