A Year in Review

It has been a great year for blogging. Some great articles, insightful applications, and even some engaging controversy has occurred through the blogosphere this year. For myself, I am thankful for the opportunity to serve God this way and my hope is that if you are reading this, the information provided here has been useful for spurring you towards a deeper relationship with God this year.

What was it that captured the attention of fellow readers this year? Take a look and click on those that you may have not have previously read yourself.

10) Submission to God: A devotional on James 4:7

9) Examine Yourselves in the Mirror of God’s Word: A devotional from James 1:23-25.

8) Are You ‘im?: A devotional from Colossians 3:17

7) Punished for Your Family: A Look at A New Societal Norm

6) Spiritual Discipleship: A book review

5) Responding to God’s Character: A devotional from James 1:17-18

4) The Consequences of Tolerance

3) Confessing Sin: A devotional from 1 John 1:9-10

2) Quick to Hear, Slow to Speak, Slow to Anger: A devotional from James 1:19

1) Colossians: The Literary Context

Some honorable mentions:

A) Senders: A Book Review

B) Increasingly Secular: A Look at a New Ruling and Its Impact in California

C) Passion: Lessons’ From Shepherd’s Conference 2015

D) Awaiting the Verdict: Looking at the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Gay Marriage



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