Just One More Week: Join Me for Fellowship in Reading

There is no substitution for reading the Bible. Scripture should always be our priority. However, God has gifted a number of people in the ability to write clearly and to teach others. I find that reading books is of great benefit as a secondary source of information. God uses them to cause growth in our lives, to challenge us, to confront us in order that we may be conformed into His image.

Therefore, I find it a great blessing to be able to read through classic, foundational Christian books in order to grow together. Just a few weeks ago we completed William Gurnall’s work The Christian in Complete Armour (Volume 1).

So let’s continue with a new reading. I invite you to join me in one week (May 5th) to start another reading of a Christian classic . . . The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul. Often found on lists of must-reads for Christians, R.C. Sproul has become known for his work on this project. Each week we will take one chapter to read and then check back every Thursday to see my own thoughts and convictions and feel free to post some of your own.

Don’t have the book. Pick up your copy at the following places (click the link to be taken to the site)

Amazon (Hardcopy): $11.01 + shipping (unless you have Amazon Prime)

Amazon (Kindle Edition): $8.69

WTS Books (Hardcopy): $18.00 + shipping; I always like supporting the bookstore at Westminster Theological Seminary, but frankly I would urge you to pick up this copy if you can because it not only includes the Holiness of God, but also Chosen by God and Pleasing God, two other great works by R.C. Sproul. Not including shipping costs, it is also cheaper to purchase this three-in-one volume here over Amazon.

Looking forward to having you join me on May 5th.

Holiness of God

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