The Holiness of God: Seen Through Creation

Today we begin a journey through The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul. It is a book that has been long recommended to me, and yet has never made it into my reading for one reason or another. With the start of this reading project together, that changes. To read more about the project, click here. And now, to chapter one we go.
It is certain that we miss the true meaning of holiness by our lack of response to it. The holiness of God should automatically bring forth a response of awe that makes our knees go weak as our ability to speak leaves us. There is certainly nothing more majestic and overwhelming than God’s holiness. We should be overcome with who God is.
Scripture is a revelation of who God is. When read, it directs our eyes, our minds, and our hearts toward Him so that our entire life may be oriented towards Him. From the very first word to the very last, we capture a picture of who God is and how he relates to His people. I would suggest that to be overcome with God’s holiness, one must be overcome with God’s Word.
Within the initial words of Genesis, God reveals Himself in an astounding way, yet so familiar and so attacked are these verses, we fail to be captivated by the sheer significance of this particular revelation. It is here that we see God create all things. In reading the creation account of Genesis 1, even a passing glance at the text causes us to ponder upon things that should confound the mind and cause us to see God’s holiness:
  • All things were created.
  • It took but a few moments for them to come into being.
  • They were sufficient for life to continue on for millenniums.
  • They were created by God’s Word alone. He said so, and therefore it was.
  • It was good. If God is good, then that which He created must also be good.
This goes further when we look at the sixth day. It was then that God created man in His own image (Genesis 2 of course expounds on that process further). According to Romans 1:19-20 God is revealed through all things that were made. Man, by being made, is to be a revelation of God. Granted, that revelation is tainted by sin which has no part in God, but the point of understanding who are to be should be incredible to us!
When was the last time any of us have read the creation account in Genesis and had to stop reading simply because of the magnitude contained within those words? Are you not shocked into thinking what it means when Scripture indicates that God said and everything simply came into being? Perhaps there is a need for us to pause in consideration of creation so that we may be overcome by who God is. May we do just that over the course of this next week.
Please feel free to share your own reflections on chapter one in the comments section or privately via the contact me page on this site. Continue reading on to chapter two and then join me next week for more reflection. It’s not too late to join! For more information click here.

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