New Look, New Start: Revising this Blog

As some have noticed, and mentioned, Soli Deo Gloria is taking on a new look. To go with that new look is a revision in content. This site is not meant to challenge just you readers, but it is a tool for my own personal growth as well. Yet, the last few months (especially because of the busyness) I find myself becoming stagnant and that is reflected in my writing.

So I have had to ask myself, “What can I do better for the glory of God and the good of God’s people?” The result is a redesign of this blog that I hope will improve not just the site, but also our lives by challenging and encouraging every one of us in our progressive sanctification.

Over the course of the next two weeks I will be transitioning to the following format:

  1. Monday Motivations: Let’s face it. Mondays are hard for most of us. Every Monday my goal is to encourage and help through devotionals or some quick tips for developing spiritual disciplines, productivity, and reading.
  2. Tuesday Truth: Nothing extravagant on Tuesdays. A powerful quote of Scripture or an insightful remark from men and women of the faith to ponder through the day.
  3. Wednesday Words: Whether it be a book review or an article meant to provoke though and consideration, Wednesdays are reserved for longer  writings.
  4. Thursday Thoughts: Some challenging questions, or thought provoking musings for self-examination.
  5. Friday Truth Reformation: As I have been doing for awhile, I will continue with the truth reformation. A review of a major topic or two from newsworthy events in light of Scripture to encourage logical thinking from a Christian worldview.

With some things that I am finishing up through this month (devotions based on 3 John and reading through The Holiness of God) the full transition will take place by August 1.

I pray this transition will make for a better blog, again for God’s glory and our good.