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False Realities that Create a False God

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It is a fascinating observation to view people. It is especially interesting to watch as the seek to create new realities, redefining who they are in the public view. The creation of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so many others aid the ability to direct attention to self by creating false realities. Portraying only the best of our lives we deceive others and ourselves into thinking we are something that we really aren’t. A closer examination reveals that people are not only interested in creating false perceptions of themselves, but desire to mold others in the same way.
Concerned about making one’s reality ‘real’ the concern shifts to the roles that others then play. When a new person becomes a part of one’s life, he or she seeks to mold that person into the ideal of perfection. Surely my perception on this phenomenon is skewed, right? Perhaps, but I don’t think so. Think about the status of relationships these days. People are content to move forward in a relationship as long as their own wants are being met. As soon as those wants are no longer met, the relationship ‘contract’ is terminated. We see this as the prevailing reasons for divorce.
Please understand something more. I am not referring here to something such as discipleship or accountability. The difference between that and what is actually happening is the focus on God. With discipleship and accountability the guidance (or molding) that takes place is driven by a love for God and a love for others in wanting to see them live a life full of God. With the former, the concern is selfish in that the focus is molding others for a self-satisfaction.
This contractual relationship that now makes up our world is not simply seen between people. It now defines the relationship people have with God. People’s vision of a perfect God is one who gives them all that they want without judgment or sin for discipline. Many will deny they are creating or distorting God. However, the result is a distortion of who God really is and any distortion of God is not really God. Therefore the God being worshiped is not God, but a false God and thus it is idolatry.
Even more study reveals a deeper heart issue. It is evidence that people have a very low view of God (and a high view of self). This is not surprising in the secular world, but for those that profess to be believers it is contrary to God’s own teaching about us and himself. Those who seek to define God in such a way are indicating that they have a better idea of who God should be. It denies that he is a holy, and thus perfect, God. It belittles the God who is by trying to put someone (or maybe it’s better to say something) in his place.
Consequently such an attitude reveals a lack of humility and acknowledgment of one’s own shortcomings. The creation of a so-called greater God indicates that God’s perfect plan isn’t good enough for us. Instead we have a better plan that he should follow.
This smacks of the greatest arrogance possible. To think that people can improve upon the perfection that already exists. If God is sufficient, then God’s plan is also sufficient. There is no need to create more than already exists. Instead perfect contentment finds perfect joy in a perfect God.
I have been reading through the Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul. Today’s thoughts come following the reading of chapter 10. Join me next Thursday for the final chapter of the book.
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