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A Threshold Experience?

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Over the course of eleven weeks I have journeyed through eleven chapters of R.C. Sproul’s most prominent book, “The Holiness of God.” It has reached into the depths of God’s Word to reveal much about our nature in light of God’s nature. Today, that journey comes to a close with final thoughts regarding what he calls ‘a threshold experience.’

It sounds almost mystical, but genuine reading reveals that is not what he is referencing. Instead a threshold experience occurs when one is overwhelmed by the presence of God. For many years and many people, it was the church sanctuary, hence the title ‘sanctuary.’ Crossing over from the foyer into the sanctuary, one is so overcome by God to the point of being struck voiceless.

Upon reading about a threshold experience, I found myself venturing into the concept more. Compelled to ask myself, “When did I last experience a threshold moment?” I found the answer revealing. That answer, or lack thereof, caused further meditation upon the concept about the lack of ‘threshold experiences’ of many people today. Reflection causes a conclusion to be reached: we so undervalue the holiness of God that threshold experiences are no longer part of the Christian life.

It is not out of line to suggest that our minimization of God’s holiness leads us to minimize His presence as well. We approach our Sunday morning worship with little regard because we have little regard for his holiness. We forget about God’s omnipresence, and so to cross over the threshold is to experience nothing at all. In just a few words, we have lost the awe of God.

In the course of 200 pages in eleven chapters, Sproul has taken readers through an elevation of God and depression of self. To do so the focus has been on one topic: the holiness of God.

If there is something to be learned from reading through The Holiness of God, it is the revelation that a right view of God’s holiness affects a right view of the Christian life. While there is much that one can learn from Sproul’s words, that is one of the biggest takeways I have gotten. Our view of God’s holiness will affect how we approach every aspect of life.

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