Thursday Thoughts: The Sovereignty of God

There is no doubt that we desire control over our own lives. Many of the outbreaks of conflicts, protests, lawsuits, etc. stem from the idea that others are trying to take control of us in some form or another. In no way do we want others to be responsible for the direction our lives take. This includes not giving credit to God.

Over the course of a week or so I have found myself dwelling upon God’s sovereignty. I don’t intend to cause us to dwell upon God’s sovereignty versus human free will as most people are prone to look at. Instead, I find myself pondering what this world would be like without God’s sovereignty.

In favor of free will, the sovereignty of God is often rejected outright. Yet, what is the consequence of denying God’s power and control over all things? Have we considered the impact of such a denial?

A true examination would reveal a scary world indeed. Many are fearful of the current status of our society, a legitimate fear when one does not think that God is in control. Yet, how much worse off would society be without God in control?

Without God’s sovereignty, the impact of Satan would be catastrophic. Even more, sin would be more prevalent, both in that it would not need to be hidden, but also that there would be no restraint against it.

Without the sovereignty of God, we would have much to fear and little to be comforted by. Little do we think about what it would mean if we could not rely upon this aspect of God’s attributes and activities.