Thursday Thoughts: Loving God vs. Being in Love With God

There is a great difference between being in love with God and loving God. Have you ever considered the difference? One represents a infatuation like that of a newly formed couple, while the other delineates a genuine relationship founded upon the principles of agape love.
I would suggest that there are more people in love with God, versus who actually love Him. Those that are in love with God are more concerned about the ‘benefits’ of such a relationship. Whereas love would be demonstrated in one’s own willful obedience for God, the other is infatuation tied up in the emotional and physical status that one receives form the love interest.
Such a distinction is important because of the impact it has on our Christian life. How we respond to God and the way we live our lives for Him is dependent upon our view of loving him. So are you in love with God or do you love him?
Note: My Thursday notes are simply mere reflections of things I have been thinking about over the week. They are meant to be short and though provoking in order to spur each one of us onto growth as we examine our own lives. These thoughts came out of my reading of Charles Spurgeon’s book “All of Grace” and his comments on the same subject.