A Crisis of Divorce

In the course of my online reading this week, my feed brought two articles about divorce to my attention. Not only did the topics they covered capture my attention, but I found it noteworthy that they showed up at all. It is rare to see divorce be addressed in the context of my general readings, let alone twice in two days. Upon seeing the second article it occurred to me just what revelation of society was at my fingertips.
It is well-documented that divorce is a common epidemic in our society. Therefore, it is no surprise to see it be addressed as part of a web-based topic. What is surprising is the fact that these articles did little to decry divorce, but actually encouraged it. I am not here to offer a blanket judgment or condemnation of divorce, recognizing that each case is different. However, despite variances in individual theology, God’s word does offer a general censure of divorce. Even if a person thinks it is permitted according to Scripture, it is never the first desired option. As a result we should definitely adopt the mind of God by developing a high view of marriage.
It is with a high view of marriage then that I read these two articles, and from them I either learned or confirmed the following:
A) High View of Self: The first article I read encouraged readers with tips and tricks to get the most out of divorce. Certainly we know that man’s nature is self-oriented, and this only furthers the point.
B) Low View of Others: I daresay that a high view of self automatically leads to a low view of others. This is exemplified in the premise that a person ‘should get the most out of a divorce’ because it implies the idea that one takes from the other regardless of that person’s needs. This premise is furthered by the second article which addressed the impact, or damage as the article stated, that divorce has on children. The author acknowledges that divorce is damaging, but not only should it be expected but accepted as a natural course of action. As a result then, the goal is simply to minimize it.
Instead of suggesting that divorce should be avoided, the focus of both articles simply discusses how to make the most of an ‘opportunity’ and minimizing the harsh effects.
Without calling it an opportunity, this is the view that most people now take when in the midst of divorce. When society starts thinking of sin as an opportunity damage has already been done. There is no minimizing that. The only response we can have is to turn a new course through the elevation of God and the minimization of man.