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Sola Society ~ 3 Articles You Should Read

I have the great privilege of being surrounded by a number of wonderful and gifted people in my life. I give thanks to God for the way in which he uses these men to point me to himself.

Of those men, there are five that I have the tremendous opportunity to work alongside of through writing. Last week we launched a website that was weeks in the making and it was done with great reception. The website, Sola Society, is focused on enriching the body of Christ by showing the application of God’s Word within the realm of our current culture. Today, I bring you the links from last week’s article with hopes that you will read them with great reception.

  1. The Folly of a Self-Sufficient Mindset by Jason Harris
  2. When the Reformers Voted Trump by Matt Tarr
  3. The American Captivity by Robert Zink

Enjoy the reading and enjoy the site! You can also follow the site on Facebook or Twitter.

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