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Thursday Thoughts: The Truth in Heaven

Photo “Heaven” courtesy of Sjoerd Los and Flickr.

For the last several months I have been reading through John Piper’s book, God is the Gospel with a friend as part of a discipleship time together. Although we are only in chapter two (yes, I am being serious; we started in June and have only completed two chapters) the book contains a profundity that is rarely expressed, and yet done so in a simplicity that is greatly beneficial. In fact, the deep truths that are expressed and they are done so in such an understandable way that I find it aggravating that someone didn’t share them with me sooner.
Early on in the book, Piper asks “Would you be happy in heaven if God wasn’t there?” There is not a word in that question that is not easily understood as part of our everyday language. However, that question contains a conviction so strong it knocked the breath out of me. I had to think about it and do some deep searching of my own will and intentions.
Our discussions about heaven are so much about what heaven will be for us that we forget that the very joy in heaven is not what will be there, but who will be there. So let me challenge to think about it: Would you be happy in heaven if God wasn’t there? Answer the question in truth and let that answer reveal the state of your own soul. And when you consider what it means then seek God through prayer and His word so that your relationship with Him may grow more deeply rooted in Him and Him alone.
If you have not read Piper’s book, God is the Gospel, I would highly recommend it. You can download the book in PDF form by clicking here. However, if you are like the majority of people who still like a hardcopy version, click here. And of course, you can get it in Kindle by clicking here.
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