Thursday Thoughts: Desensitized to Oppression?

Last week I published an article on the disturbing report released by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (you can read that article by clicking here). I have found myself fascinated by how apathetic many people are to the continuous reports regarding the suppression of Christianity. On one hand, I understand the need to trust God, yet few people seem concerned about even enlightening friends and families to the plight of Christians. Where does such apathy come from?
There seems to be two causes to this apathy:
  1. Lack of Conviction: The first issue is simply a lack of conviction about God. Despite the claim to be a believer, when it comes to living it out there is no conviction to do so. Therefore, the oppression of Christians means little to them because they don’t understand what it truly happening.
  2. Desensitization: The second issue is that we are simply desensitized to the oppression. Not only are we not surprised by the oppression, we have come to expect it. Therefore we are not shocked by it. In one way, we should expect it because Scripture warns us of it. But Scripture also encourages us to continue steadfastly sharing the truth in spite of it.
The fact that we are so apathetic towards oppression tells us something about our heart attitude. I’m not calling for a revolution here. However, I think it is important for us to consider our response to oppression and the significance of it. Does the suppression of Christian belief bother you? Are you inclined to continue on in light of whatever may come, or are you content to conform to the culture? Consider the reality of this and the state of your heart in light of your answer to the question. May we be compelled to have a deeper relationship with the Lord as a result.