Thursday Thoughts: The Most Important Question

What is the most important question in life? The answer you put forth tells much about your worldview and personal beliefs. It demonstrates what you fixate your gaze upon, whether it is earthly or worldly. For myself, until reading some thoughts from R.C. Sproul, I am not sure how I would have answered that question, but I appreciated something that he said in response to it.
See for most people, Christian and non-Christian alike, so much of their time is spent trying to answer whether or not God exists. For many, the most important question is whether God exists.
However, Sproul suggests that this is the wrong question to gather our attention. I tend to agree with him, after all most people seem to assume that there is a god or some higher power, to use their wording. Instead, he says that the the most important question is not whether God is, but who God is.
That is where our attention should be: Who is God and who is God in our lives? The pursuit of the Christian life should be dictated by our pursuit of God. Let us challenge one another then in seeking God more.