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Thursday Things: Some Interesting Reads from Around the Web

From the Web: Important and/or fun thoughts from around the web this past week.
The Joy of The Christian Life:
The Joy of Scripture:
  • A Scripture Memory Method that Really Works: A new website for women has launched and they are memorizing the book of James together. I urge you to tag along.
  • EVS Reader’s Bible: Crossway has released a new version of the reader’s Bible. This one, done in exquisite detail, comes in six volumes. I am quite excited about it! Read the Bible Design Blog’s review of it here and if you’re interest, jump over to Westminster Bookstore to pick up a copy, which is on sale and you can enter your pastor to win a copy.
The Joy of Reading:
The Joy of Writing:
  • How to Make an Ink Wash: I love my fountain pens and ink, but what do you do with that residual ink that you can quite reach. You don’t want to waste it, but can’t get into the fountain pen. Use that ink to make some unique and personal stationary . . . even if you don’t have a fountain pen or ink, this is still a unique idea you might enjoy and can adapt.
  • What is the Oxford Comma and Why Do People Care So Much About It?: What is the Oxford Comma? You probably learned it in school but don’t remember it.
The Joy of Life:
From the Projects: Here is a list of what I apparently did this week as well as some links to the works of my co-collaborators on various projects.
Sola Society (
Soli Deo Gloria (
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