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DNA: Deny, Negate Accountability

Photo “DNA Representation” courtesy of user Andy Leppard and Flickr.

With such an eventful week full of debates and debacles, there has been much for the Christian to consider and evaluate. With so much taking place, it leaves me pondering what warrants the most attention. While presidential contenders are debating diverse stances, the Society of Biblical Literature is promoting its diversity goals by excluding InterVarsity Press from participation in events. While important and worthy of consideration though, my attention was captured by an article put out by World Magazine about the ‘new and advanced’ understandings of evolution (this is my wording not theirs).
Recently released information by U.S. researchers makes the claim that humans, particularly women, are predisposed to have an affair. In essence what researchers are saying is that women’s genes are programmed to make them prone to infidelity. This is not a new argument, but rather is the same argument being applied to a new circumstance. In fact, it has become an increasingly common argument utilized as a defense to justify human behavior.
I have written before about of our societal aversion towards accepting responsibility for its own actions. Inherently when faced with criticism, judgment, and accountability the quick response is to blame someone (or even something) else. Such behavior is exemplified from presidents (and presidential candidates) to business CEOs to the positions of all humanity. No longer does one find integrity in accepting accountability for actions, but instead find approval when he or she is skillfully able to defer the blame elsewhere. It’s not necessary to give you examples because at the reading of those words, I am sure you have already listed several in your mind.
What is necessary though, is to look deeper at this issue. We lament that our society is in such a state that we pass blame, but with that comes a deeper revelation about that status. In fact, we see a deep-seated irresponsibility that impacts three areas:
1) Irresponsibility Towards Responsibility:  First is the irresponsibility towards responsibility. With no accountability there is no need for responsibility. That’s no surprise from a society whose mantra is “Get all you can and can all you get.” In a goal to live free and happy, responsibility is more and more avoided because it ‘hinders’ the happy and care free life.
2) Irresponsibility Towards Science: The second issue we see here is irresponsibility towards science. ‘Unbiased’ research these days has given way to   promotion of an agenda. Science is undertaken with the idea to ‘prove’ one’s own theories rather than to let the science standalone. Combined with the arrogant notion that humans are infallible, we have a deadly mixture that makes science often untruthful and untenable. No longer can we believe results of studies, because they are tainted by human ambition and promotion.
3) Irresponsibility Towards People: Finally, there exists an irresponsibility towards people. This coincides with the irresponsibility towards responsibility. People are no longer held accountable for their actions. From that they learn that they can do whatever they want, regardless of morality or lack thereof, because it was beyond their control. It’s interesting that a society says that all you have to do is believe in yourself and you can have your dreams, thus squarely placing responsibility on people for self-fulfillment will deny that very principle when it comes to anything else. Ultimately though, in not teaching responsibility we are doing more harm to people and to society.
This is the status of our society, and it should not come as a surprise and shock.
It’s unfortunate that God has revealed to us the makeup of the human body, human genes, and human DNA and instead of being in awe of such a creator it is used first to deny a creator, and then second as an excuse for sin. Society is doing whatever it can to deny its own accountability by claiming that it is all in the DNA and the genes. “I was ‘predisposed’ to this and therefore you cannot make me responsible for my actions.” How absurd that it! And yet, how acceptable it is to the general populace. We are quick to come up with whatever we can to justify sin, and its scary at how acceptable that is.
It comes down to one simple point: our efforts to avoid responsibility for sin demonstrate just how prevalent sin is.
To read the original story from World Magazine click here. It’s short, but the author brings up some good points that are worth reading and noting.
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