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Monday Motivations: Coffee Helping Missions

Photo ‘Coffee’ courtesy of user Henner Zeller and Flickr

Mondays are often difficult days for most of us. So Monday motivations is meant to inspire us to go beyond survival and move into excellence. Today’s motivation though, is a bit different.  If you’re like me, you often reach for a cup of coffee to energize you for the day. So today I want to highlight Coffee Helping Missions for your motivation.
I find satisfaction in coffee and while I prefer good coffee, more than anything I look forward to the experience that surrounds coffee and not just the coffee itself. Often coffee is not a drink that comes alone, but instead it is encompassed by the companionship of good friends, the meeting of new friends, the subtle ambiance of a study environment, and the relaxation that comes with roasting your own. Now you can drink your coffee while supporting the work of God.
Over a year ago, Biblical Ministries Worldwide with the help of one its board members launched Coffee Helping Missions. This new venture was established with the purpose of supporting the work of missionaries around the world. Half of all profits are directed towards Gospel-proclaiming projects in Indonesia while the other half is utilized to support the missionary of your choice. Since it’s launch, has raised over $20,000.
To make this experience even more enjoyable, those who set this project up paid close attention to the quality. Partnering with Twin Valley Coffee, a company established by fellow Christians. The cup they put forth is clean and crisp, making for a very pleasing experience. For those that roast their own coffee, the green beans purchased through Coffee Helping Missions offer an enjoyable experience. Of all the different companies I have tried, these green beans are my favorite to roast because they high quality ensures consistency and evenness.
Most of us are investing a considerable amount of money into our coffee experience anyway, so why not do it in a way that supports the spread of Christianity while elevating the quality and experience to a higher level.
Disclaimer: As a missionary with Biblical Ministries Worldwide, my family and I have the potential to benefit from sales through Coffee Helping Missions from those who choose to support us. However, I have received no compensation for this article nor am I writing this on the basis of compelling you to support us through the site. I am interested in seeing the benefit of this unique site be utilized to its greatest potential for the spread of God’s gospel throughout the world. 
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