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Tuesday Truth ~ Jonathan Edwards

A good book and the Good Book. And my pen.

I got the ESV Bible today, plus the ESV Study Bible. I’d have bought them a long time ago if somebody had told me what a chick magnet they are.

The excellent translation is a nice bonus.

Project365: 308/365


Photo “Sky Extravaganza” courtesy of Neville Nel and Flickr.

Jonathan Edwards was a Puritan pastor of the 1700’s who still impacts the Christian culture of today. God used the sermons of Edwards to spark the awakening of people’s lives in Christ. He would die in 1758 shortly after becoming president of the College of New Jersey (today known as Princeton University) from the smallpox vaccination, which he took in order to show the students it was safe.

To learn more about Jonathan Edwards, I would suggest first, Jonathan Edwards: A Life by George Marsden and second, The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards by Steve Lawson.

To read some of the works of Jonathan Edwards, begin with Religious Affections or you can get his complete works here.

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