A Beautiful Form: Glass on Glass Art

(all pictures of the artwork below were taken directly from the artist’s website glassonglassart.com)
As you enter our home, one of the first aspects that captures your attention is a piece of artwork that sits illuminated underneath the entryway light. Made of glass, it reflects the light magnificently so as to draw you into the deep autumn colors that make up the scene of a tree shedding its leaves. It was made by a friend, whose unique work is something we find a great joy in appreciating. I highlight it here today, because it has become a great privilege to direct others to her work as well because often they also find a deep appreciation for it.
Just a few years ago, the artist stumbled upon a way to create magnificent pieces of art not commonly found elsewhere. Her method? In a few words, it could be called painting with glass . . . although there is no paint involved. What is involved is laboriously creating designs, pictures, and panoramas of life by laying out broken pieces of glasses. Each piece of glass on its own is worthy of the trash for most of us, but put them together and you get a fantastic hue of colors that create a spectacular sensation that is pleasing to the soul.
While the unique use of glass is the focal point, many will appreciate an additional detail. The artist often uses recycled materials for her craft, including old windows and mirrors and broken glass from discarded elements. Certainly recycled materials is pleasing because it offers another element of environmental protection, but there is a creative aspect that must not be overlooked as well. It means that no piece is alike, because no recycled material has necessarily weathered the same (or even each piece of glass is not broken in the same way). Also these materials can often create an already antiqued look that so many people enjoy. Finally, that also enables some pieces to be displayed in a variety of places and a variety of ways, such as outside in the sun or on a table inside with backlighting. Such flexibility gives a person options for display in order to capture the full effect of light that is available.
Perhaps something made for the wall is not what you would like. That’s OK. Works aren’t limited to just that, but also include vases, candle holders, oil and vinegar sets, and even tables!
This type of work in glass is an uncommon seen only by a few people, but it’s the artist that makes this work special. Her attention to quality, masterful presentation, and exceptional creativity makes each piece of work exclusive and memorable. Perhaps the greatest element for Christians though is that, while not billed as a Christian ministry or a Christian work, the artist herself is Christian. Therefore elements of Christianity is often reflected in her work. It also means her familiarity with Scripture enables her to do exclusive pieces that reflect its truth.
What began with an idea and intense labor that could only take place in small pockets of free time has now grown to include various art shows and specialty commission pieces that are created with passion.
Lacking the luggage space when we moved here, we brought few decorative items. For something to be considered, it had to be something special, so we brought only two major pieces. The first I found in Jerusalem that is a beautiful drawing consisting of the Wailing Wall with Psalms 1-63 inscribed in Hebrew. The second was this glass piece that we were thrilled have grace our home. I suspect we would not be alone in our appreciation for such art and therefore recommend it to everyone. You can visit the website directly at http://www.glassonglassart.com/ and can contact the artist directly by clicking here.