Unshelved: My Reading List for November

Reading is an enriching experience that compels us to learn, evaluate, and simply relax. One of my goals is to encourage others to read, Scripture first and then other books. To do this, I am regularly giving books to others, talking about books, and reading them myself. In much the same way I am encouraged by others who are reading, I have often share what I am currently reading (or hope to read) in hopes of prompting others to do so as well. So for November, what’s on my shelf?
That’s what I intend to share here. You will notice that I often divide my reading up into several different categories, and here is where I find myself:
  • Working with God through Prayer by D. Edmond Hibert (Christian Living): I stumbled across D. Edmond Hibert while I was looking for commentaries on James. Since then I have utilized his commentaries and backgrounds through much of my New Testament studies. This is my first reading of something by him that is not a commentary or study aide. Because I appreciate his other works, I am excited to work my way through this.
  • The Stone and the Glory by Greg Harris (Biblical Studies): It’s been awhile since I have read this and because I have learned some important lessons from it in the past, I wanted to make my way through it again. I respect Dr. Greg Harris and his teaching immensely.
  • The Works of Thomas Manton, Volume 1 by Thomas Manton (Theology): I have been curious to read more by Thomas Manton since first discovering some other works. So now I’m going big by jumping into one of the volumes in his complete works. (Note: the set I am reading comes as part of the Logos packages, and may be a bit different than the one I linked here).
  • The Reformation by Stephen Nichols (History): I usually try to vary my reading by reading history books that are not specifically Christian history, but I’ve been wanting to read Nichols’ work on the Reformation for quite some time. I found myself motivated to do so after having celebrated the 499th anniversary of Luther’s actions in Wittenberg with his 95 theses.
  • Bleak House by Charles Dickens (Literature): It’s been a very long time since I’ve read any Dickens, and frankly, I wasn’t aware of this book until recently. Someone mentioned its surprising plot twists, so I found myself looking it up.
  • Onward by Russell Moore (Cultural Studies): Recently released to some good reviews, I picked up this book when it went on sale for a good price, but have yet to read it, so now I’m taking the opportunity.
  • God is the Gospel by John Piper: You’ll notice this one consistently on my list. That’s because I am reading through it with my accountability partner and loving it! Although we began it in June, we are just now starting chapter 3!
  • Ecclesiastes (Reformed Expository Commentary) by Douglas Sean O’Donnell: My wife and I have been reading through Ecclesiastes for our time together in God’s Word and to supplement our understanding, we have been reading the corresponding comments on each verse from this book.
So what’s on your list this month? Not sure where to start or have suggestions for others? Feel free to e-mail or share a comment below. Even if you don’t want to share, I urge to be a reader.