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4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Travel Time

(Photo “Argentinian Long-Distance Bus” courtesy of user Sheep”R”Us and Flickr).
Traveling can be burdensome leaving one exhausted without ever seeming to accomplish anything. And as security tightens, the frustrations and horrors of traveling are increasing. For myself, I have come to appreciate those times of travel in which I am not responsible for the driving or flying. Instead, in those moments when someone is taking care of the actual process, I like to dig in to the work at hand. In fact, perhaps this makes me strange, but one of my favorite places to work is on a plane. While space can be limited, I often find myself more motivated and more able to concentrate and thus my productivity in these types of situations can increase significantly. Rightly used, these times can be of great benefit for your edification and for the glory of the Lord. Here are four ways that I suggest you make the most of those travel times:
  1. Read: This downtime is a great time to start reading, finish reading, or catch up on your reading. A rightly chosen book can pour into your life by causing you to consider and ponder and concepts not otherwise thought about. Perhaps then, this is not just a good time to read a book, but to read the book. Pick up Scripture and spend some time reading through it.
  2. Study: Take the opportunity to study. The time spent on a bus, plane, or in a car can be used wisely by studying Scripture. Have a text you’ve wondered about? Spend some time in it or take some materials along to help you prepare. Perhaps you our curious about something else. Whether historical, scientific, or choose any discipline and wisely use the time to learn more.
  3. Share: You’ve just spent time reading and studying, why not share what you have learned. Take the time to share with people. Start some conversations with others. Perhaps you’re shy. Then share it with yourself. Take some time to review what was learned, the impact it had and why it matters. Aside from sharing what you have learned, take the opportunity to share the gospel. Remind yourself of its importance in your own life and share its importance with others.
  4. Write: Finally, in these moments you can find opportunities to write. Again, write for yourself or write for others. Understandably, not everyone likes writing or desires to write. That’s OK. Write for yourself by keeping a journal and recounting what has taken place, what you have learned or studied, or whatever you choose to.
One of the great advantages of technology is the ease by which these tasks can be accomplished in a variety of forums. One can choose audiobooks or dictate notes. With touch-based tablets, a person can even sit on a plane and draw out their thoughts in pictures. Even more, you don’t have to be traveling to capture those unused moments. Your waiting time at the doctor’s office, downtime before your lunch appointment can all be maximized to their greatest benefit.
None of these ideas are profound in themselves, but what comes out of them can be profound. In essence that is what makes these incredible tasks for for your travel times. They are simplistic and basic, yet the lasting impact of them can be complex and majestic.
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