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Canadians Find Two People Are Not Enough to Parent

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January 1, 2017 brings forth a redefining of culture yet again for those in Ontario, Canada. Thats when the “All Families Are Equal Act,” passed by government officials, goes into effect. On the surface the title sounds promising, especially in a world that touts equality as the supreme value and to oppose anything that claims equality brings forth the full weight of any oppression that one can muster. However, a look at the actual law reveals that it is much more.
The act itself serves three primary purposes:
  1. It permits same-sex couples to be considered the ‘genuine’ parents of a child, even if it is not biologically theirs (which obviously is an impossible feat) but instead by using artificial insemination or a surrogate.
  2. It permits groups of people to be considered the ‘genuine’ parents of a child. A child then could have four parents, even if none of them are biologically the mother or father.
  3. It compels the use of gender neutral terminology, when possible, when referring to children.
Those who are seeking to parent a child not biologically theirs simply needs to enter into a formal, legal contract before the child is born.
While this is taking place in Canada, it offers a glimpse of the future within the United States. This is especially true after the Obergefell v. Hodges decision was handed down just over a year ago. The logic used in reaching that decision create opportunity to promote a number of agendas. By redefining a marriage with an open-ended interpretation, it allows for the redefinition of family and gender. What many fail to consider is just how far-reaching such redefinitions are. The basic institutions are so rooted into so many different aspects of life, that even the smallest change is never really a small change. That’s why many claimed that it was not a far jump to the approval of something such as polygamy, to use an example, when approval is given to these other areas.
Actions taken then by the government within Ontario to pass these measures speak volumes in terms of the condition of cultural values. We see:
  • A Redefinition of Family and Parenthood: Perhaps it is better to say a further redefinition. The culture started its agenda to force these values upon us a long while ago when they redefined marriage.
  • A Revelation of Selfishness: This speaks volumes in terms of the self-first mindset that culture has done well to cultivate. With little concern about the impact on such decisions on others, especially the children that will be involved in these cases, potential parents here are simply pushing for their own way regardless of the consequences.
  • Rejection of Truth: Finally, this is a clear rejection of the truth that has withstood the test of time. Furthermore, a rejection of truth is a rejection of God.
None of these should be surprising. With the push of the cultural agenda, this is a repetition of what we see on an ongoing basis.
A look at Canada reveals nothing new about culture, but only affirms what we already know to be the case. It is simply noteworthy because sin and its antagonism towards God is taking yet another form. For the United States it is noteworthy because it could provide a glimpse into the future outlook of what is to come. Thus, it affirms the notion that we must be strongly rooted in the truth in order to negate falsehood.
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