Weekend Worldview ~ 12.10.2016

Links from around the web and around the world for your reading pleasure.
From the Web: Important and/or fun thoughts from around the web this past week.
The Joy of The Christian Life:
  • Please, Stop the Mad-ness: Greg Pickle uses recent attacks against Chip & Joanna Gaines to highlight a dangerous cycle that we are in.
  • Learning from the Forgotten Spurgeon: Here is a book review of The Forgotten Spurgeon. This has made my list of top books and has been incredibly influential to me. If you haven’t read it, I would urge you to pick up a copy.
  • The Left’s Doomed Effort to Coerce the Right: This is an interesting read following up the supposed controversy of the Gaines’ family.
  • Charles Ryrie’s Rare Bible Collection Sells for $7.3 Million: This an interesting tidbit about Dr. Charles Ryrie. I am linking Denny Burk’s article on it, not because he has much to say, but because he provides some links that I would urge you to click on.
  • Hillsong Postscript: Grace to You did a series of articles this week on Hillsong. Linked is the final article, but going to it provides the links to the other articles as well. They are worth a read.
  • Is the Great Commission for my Benefit?: My thoughts on short term missions trips has changed over the years. I am not opposed to them completely, but I think our current methods are not beneficial. While I don’t agree with everything, there is much to be learned from the challenging thoughts in this article.
  • Is the Virgin Birth Essential?: Some of Kevin DeYoung’s premises here won’t be new, but we often need to be reminded of them. He also talks about some historical aspects that I wish we would talk more about.
The Joy of Reading:
  • 2017 Reading Challenge: Last year Tim Challies developed a list to challenge all readers. From the light reader to the avid reader, not only is it a great motivator, but it also maintains variety inyour reading array. It is something I would recommend for everyone. To read more about it, click on the ‘2017 Reading Challenge’ link under the projects list.
  • 100 Books Every Man Should Read: Not sure who specifically put this list together for the website Art of Manliness, but it’s a very good list.
The Joy of Writing (Writing Tips and Instruments):
From the Projects: Here is a list of what I apparently did this week as well as some links to the works of my co-collaborators on various projects.
ApoLuo (apoluo.org):
Soli Deo Gloria (solideogloria.me):