Monday Motivations: Master Penman

(Image courtesy of user Glassman Scriptorium and Flickr).

I fear that writing is a dying art form in a number of ways. Our lack of attention has established a culture who has little patience for taking necessary time to both create works of art and enjoy/understand works of art. As such we loan our thoughtfulness towards both creation and appreciation of the mastery with little investment and output. As a result, my concern in terms of writing is two-fold:

  1. Loss of Beauty in Words: First there is the fear that we are losing our ability to craft beautiful displays of thoughts and ideas through fiction or non-fiction works. There is a particular artistry in the ability to create imagery and convey meaning that provokes, compels, and stirs others to both a deeper level of thinking and a deeper level of action. It is an artistry though that will be lost if we allow it to be impacted by our inability to lend more attention to details and quality.
  2. Loss of Beauty in Form: In a similar manner to losing the formation of words into sentences and sentences into developed thoughts, I fear we are losing the actual art form of writing. My meaning here is that in the actual writing, versus typing, we can create unique pieces of artwork by placing a pen between our fingers and allowing them to work together. Sometimes it can come in the form of drawings or simply in writing letters and adding flourish and embellishment to what we write.

I confess that in this lament, I too am guilty of not allowing myself to be captivated by such tasks earlier. Yet, I am thankful for those who have honed such a craft, and so this week I share with you the following video of Master Penman Jake Wiedmann. This is a video that I cam across about a year ago and am quick to share it with whoever will watch it with me. What he does with pen and ink is phenomenal and matched by very few.

Three things that I hope all of us can get from the video:

  • Note how few master penman exist. Perhaps that will cultivate the need for others to come along and take up a similar stance.
  • Second, may it inspire us to be more creative in our workmanship of words, both in the actual composition and in making it a work of art.
  • Finally, consider what such a hand could do for the work of the Lord and how such a gifting could be used for His glory (this is not to say that God is not using us in different ways and neither am I trying to elevate this above any other gifting that God has enabled you or I with in order to reach His people).

Now enjoy the video!