The Top 10 Posts of 2016

2016 proved to be a fascinating year. Many were captivated by the presidential election which consumed people’s time without giving much in return (regardless of who you supported). The magnitude of deaths that took place in 2016 is noteworthy, both in the secular and the Christian world. In the midst of that the Christian calling has remained the same: to stand firm in Him and to point others to Him. It is my hope that Soli Deo Gloria has aided that calling over the past year. So here is a look at the top ten posts from the last year.
10) 2017 Reading Challenge: An encouragement to take part in Tim Challies’ 2017 reading challenge.
9) A Belief in Christ No Longer Required to Lead the People of Christ: The story of a Canadian church embroiled in controversy because their female pastor does not believe in the deity of Jesus Christ.
8) 3 Unreasonable Assertions for Choosing a Political Candidate: Choosing a political candidate was difficult with accusations and bully tactics being used by all sides. Here’s why some of those tactics were false.
7) The Sainthood of Mother Teresa: 10 Things to Know: 2o16 was the year Mother Teresa was made a saint. Here are some things to consider about what that means.
6) 3 Reasons to be Excited About the Election Results: It did not matter who won the election, the American people were fearful. Yet, there are reasons to be excited about the results.
5) Death with Dignity: After the loss of a friend, this article was penned both in tribute and in poetic reflection of life and death.
4) The Arrogance of Non-Discipline: Discipline is hard, but we forget what the alternative means.
3) What Is Your Worldview? Biblical or Political?: Theoretically the biblical worldview should inform the political one, but this election cycle found people conflicted between the two.
2) The Discriminating Practice of Non-Discrimination: A Christian Response: The sexual revolution has a number of consequences that the culture has failed to consider. How do we respond? 
1) The American Captivity: This article about the culture’s capture of the American church has garnered more attention than many of the articles I have written.
While I am continually thankful for the impact that this blog has had and am privileged to be part of it, I also know that perfect is not a word that describes me. Therefore, there is always room for improvement. As we enter into 2017 I have a renewed commitment for better content and better quality.
In that commitment comes evaluation and hopefully progress for the blog. In these upcoming months, I hope that you will see the following two things:
  • An Emphasis on Books and Reading: In the last months of 2016 I had the privilege to cultivate partnerships with a number of Christian publishers. As such I plan on utilizing those partnerships to cultivate greater love for reading and greater love for God through this blog.
  • A Refined Focus: While emphasizing books and reading, my plan is to continue covering the Christian life as a whole. However, my hope is to define the focus of the content you will find here.
It is with great joy that I look forward to serving in this capacity and it is my prayer that I am a diligent steward in this ministry and that wee will grow together.