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Truth ~ A Book Review

One of the profundities of Scripture is its characteristic of absoluteness. the Bible is absolutely inerrant, absolutely infallible, absolutely inspires, absolutely relevant, absolutely reliable, and absolutely truthful. Certainly, we could add more, but the point is simply this: in a world that is relative, specifically the concept of truth, to find something considered absolute with no room for relativism. Because Scripture is absolute then, we can have full confidence in the words that we hold in our hand combined with a deep respect for the Lord’s work through those Words in our lives.
Too frequently, people are often more concerned with their own opinion of what the Word says then what the Word is actually saying. The depth and the direction that comes from God’s Word carries an authority that we must note. Therefore, the timing of Randy Alcorn’s book, Truth, is valuable to the constant defense not just against the secular world, but against professing Christians too.
What a person thinks about the truth of Scripture will come out in his or her life. Therefore, Truth is laid out as a devotional meant to permeate into a person’s true feelings and thoughts about Scripture. Alcorn writes with a deep conviction that readers are impacted by, causing them to see from Scripture itself how reliable and worthy it is. Each devotional is structured as one would expect, with a verse, a quick thought or two and a final quote. Structured by day, each reading is extremely short, taking a mere two or three minutes to read. However, the amount of information that the author places within those few sentences is both thoughtful and intense causing deep reflection throughout the day.
The brevity of the book should not be misconstrued. Alcorn writes in a way that is first truthful . . . something that should be expected from a book about truth. He uses Scripture to convey a rich teaching of theology to the readers. The additional insights he writes about cause ‘lightbulb’ moments in which readers can easily understand difficult concepts or make connections between what is believed and what is lived out. However, he is not just truthful, but hopeful. The author provides the reality of our situation, but does so in light of the grace and work of God in the lives of people. The result is a deeper relationship with our Lord and Savior.
If readers are like me, their one lament about the book is that it is so short (slightly over 200 pages). I suspect that many would like feed more on the knowledge that he has after being confronted with the tremendous insight that he does present.
Truth is not a teaching book that is meant to examine every aspect of Scripture. It is devotional, presenting key information that every believer should understand if they are to truly meditate upon and live out the Word as though it were true. Therefore, it is a book to be read alongside Scripture, slowly and deeply, in order to take in all that Alcorn has to say.
To purchase a copy of Truth by Randy Alcorn, click here.
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher at no cost to me for the purposes of this review. However, the opinions in this review are the result of my own reading of the book and are not influenced by any outside sources.
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