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Will You Read a Christian Classic With Me?

Periodically, Tim Challies offers up an opportunity to read through a Christian classic with himself and a community of believers. The advantages of such a project are profound. Not only is it an opportunity to learn from solid Christians throughout history and the writings they have given us, but it’s also an opportunity to interact with fellow believers, creating an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Next week he begins again. As an advocate for reading, I often participate and urge others to do so also. The format is quite simple. Pick up the book, read the selection, and then return to the blog to read some thoughts about it.

The next book? The Godly Man’s Picture by Thomas Watson. You can pick up a copy of the book at the following links:

So take a moment to pick up a copy, read sections I, II, and III (don’t worry their short and mostly introductory material) and then come back next week on May 25th to read my own thoughts that result from the reading.

To read more about the project from Tim Challies himself, click here.

Photo “Old Damascus” courtesy of user Rures and Flickr.

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