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How Christians Can Save the United States

The current societal situation, or cultural capacity, generates such grandiose fear that many people are incapacitated by paralysis. It matters not the cultural influences in a person’s life, the political system he or she subscribes to, or what religious doctrines are used to guide that same person’s life. Regardless of the background and influences, it seems that many find a reason to be unsettled.
Christians do not find themselves exempt from this anxiety. In fact, the arrival of several oppressive years has generated more uneasiness amongst the Christian community. The outcome of uneasiness is an inquisition into the role of Christians in saving America from moral deterioration. The question becomes, what can Christians to do to save America from itself and point to God?
Usually, such a question results from a desire for self-preservation, but not always. However, even under right motivations, such a question pinpoints a lack of trust in God. When we ask this question and find our worry of the world outweighs our confidence in God, we supplant God and His truth. Consider the following:
  • We Replace the Will of God: While the circumstances may be concerning, the Lord is sovereign over all things working together things for his purposes. With that understanding, our response to the situation should be a recognition of not just our responsibility in responding and glorifying God, but also an assurance of the Lord’s plans.
  • We Replace the Work of God: Saving the world requires not the work of man, but the work of God. Yet, the mentality of such a prognosis and question is that our role is the transformation of people forgetting that it is the work of God.
  • We Replace the Wonder of God: Finally, replacing the work of God automatically affects our wonder of God. The reasoning is quite simple. If we see ourselves as the initiators and laborers in the work of transforming others apart from God, we seize to be amazed by his work because it is no longer his work.
Wrought with concern over society, it is easy in such a way that questions how Christians can be instruments in saving the world. However, this response undermines who God is, and therefore we must be cautious in how we approach it.
By no means should we be content to do nothing. Certainly, the Lord’s call is to be active Christians and not passive ones. Therefore, this is not a call to do nothing. Instead, this is a call to faith. When we ask the question, “How can Christians save America?” we must be content with one answer. We can’t, but God can. Our goal is not fidelity to the world, but fidelity to God. This faithfulness to him combines not only activity in the world for God but also assurance in God to impact the world.
Photo “Shame” courtesy of user frankieleon and Flickr.
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