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5 Practical Requirements to Accomplishing Our Work

Work provides more than the necessities needed for existence. For many people, a person’s identity is determined by the work he or she has. Upon meeting, introducing, or talking about someone one of the first phrases that comes out is “He/She works at _______.” With that identification, people begin formulating a profile of the person. Thus work is not merely about living, but is about life.
As technology has been on the rise, so has the pressure to be more productive. For myself though, I have noticed that as I become more tied to technology, the less productive I have become, despite the constant promotion of the opposite. Apparently, I am not alone on this either. Books and blogs full of wisdom on the topic have been quick to hit the market int he last year addressing that very issue.
As this issue becomes more common and the need for it to be addressed intensifies, here are several brief points to consider if this is a problem you are facing also:
  1. Prioritize Your Work: First, if you want to be more productive, quite simply, prioritize your work. Meaning put an emphasis on accomplishing something by setting goals.
  2. Prioritize How You Work: As you set goals, such as completing a certain task for the day, put systems, rules, and motivators into place that will help you accomplish your work.
  3. Eliminate Distractions: One of the systems that many of us need to put into place is a method for eliminating distractions (i.e. Facebook while we are working). It could be utilizing an application, setting up some sort of accountability, or simply turning the technology off.
  4. Maintain Christian Growth: Work isn’t merely about work, but is part of what we do as a result of the fall. Thus, as we work, fixate upon your personal growth through the process. Look at obstacles as sanctifying moments and consider the Lord’s joy in the triumphs.
  5. Be Motivated by the Glory of God: Finally, our biggest motivator must be the glory of God. The necessity to labor and toil was set forth by the Lord as more than mere punishment but should cause us to reflect upon the Lord and His glory in salvation through such a judgment.
These five points are not meant to be all-encompassing, but rather help to provide some quick perspective and set work as a priority.
I want to urge a caution here though. While trying to elevate work, in no way am I advocating that it should so prominent that we neglect other roles in our lives (i.e. spouse, parent, etc.). One of my goals here at this blog is to simply look over areas of our lives and consider how we can grow more and point to the God more often. Our work is one of those areas. And so my hope is that when we work, we do so with a right perspective and motivation, and thus it is not merely about being productive but also about being grounded in our Christian life.
Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash
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