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BBC’s Article on Abortion Has Much to Say

BBC recently reported that nearly 25% of those seeking abortion had been using some form of contraceptives. Later on, the article claims that abortion rates over the last couple of consecutive years has been about 185,500 for England and Wales. In reality, the article adds nothing more to the abortion debate. Instead, it is a serious quote by Ann Furedi (Chief Executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service) that captures readers attentions and divulges much about the inner thoughts of abortion supporters.
Published on July 6th, the article publicizes the failure rate of contraceptive methods as if such a statistic reinforces the ‘integrity’ of the abortion industry. With the agenda made quite clear, Furedi says this:
Family planning is contraception and abortion. Abortion is birth control that women need when their regular method lets them down.
If the seriousness and frightening connotation of those words is lost on you, I urge you to read them again. This mindset is no surprise, but the boldness with which it is proclaimed is a more recent development. These words convey a hidden theme of the abortion ‘rights’ agenda: it’s not a health choice, it’s a lifestyle choice.
Many of us have heard and may have even used the following arguments:
  • Abortion is killing an innocent life.
  • Abortion is against God’s perfect will and morally wrong.
  • Abortion is a sin.
  • (Against public funding) Why should society have to pay for individual choices?
I could restate other discussion points and the list could continue. However, generally speaking, those who are reading this blog are against abortion and know why, so I don’t need to convince them and those not reading this blog have already heard the same arguments and would remain unconvinced by them if they happen to find this post, to begin with (that is until the Lord works in their hearts). Therefore, reiteration is not the goal here.
Instead, seeing the seriousness of Ms. Furedi’s comments unveils the mindset of our society. The current societal mindset evaluates all circumstances, decisions, and outcomes based upon their value and impact on that individual. In other words, everything I do is based upon what I want for myself. This is the mindset of the abortion generation, which states abortion is important because it allows me to do what I want without consequences or impact upon my life.
Engaging in this way of thinking has the tendency to create disastrous consequences that few have considered. The instant that a person evaluates the worth of something or someone based upon that matrix alone, he or she has depreciated the worth of everything else because when it’s all about one’s self, nothing or nobody else can hold a position of importance.
In truth, this is a product of the self-esteem movement that swept our country for decades. Out of that movement comes reinforcement for this behavior because it seeks to look at every person and tell them, “You are incredibly important” or “You have infinite worth.” The outcome is a people who not only seek what they want but feel entitled to it because after all, they are so important that nobody should stop them. So while trying to generate self-esteem, advocates have undercut their own intonation. First, because if everybody has infinite worth, then nobody has infinite worth. Second, when worth is based upon personal impact, it negates the importance of others and what may or may not be important to them.
In no way am I trying to say that people are of no value. A biblical worldview dictates quite the opposite. The concept of imago Dei indicates that everyone is worthy of respect because he or she is created in the image of God. Neither am I trying to excuse the behavior of those who accept abortion as a justified process. Abortion is a sin that reveals the human heart and therefore, I don’t want us to miss the implications of the debate and what it says about society as a whole.
Many people would not argue that we are a society that is focused on personal needs and wants over what is in the best interest of others. The fact that it is newsworthy to note when someone does something nice without expectation for others demonstrates just how selfish we are. Yet, neither should be surprised then when such drastic conflict arises over even the most minimal of desires. We have created a culture who looks to protect one’s self first and the consequences are going to be detrimental to the function of a culture.
To read the article referenced in this writing, click the following link: “Contraception fails in quarter of abortions, experts say.”
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