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Jesus’ Claim to be God Includes a Twist

I love Matthew 5 when it comes to sharing the gospel message. It is there that Jesus begins his impressive and well-known Sermon on the Mount. Spreading over several chapters, it’s easy to read Christ’s words with a picture of Christ standing before the multitudes teaching with such profundity. There is a specific section though that can be overlooked if you aren’t careful. It comes at verses 21-22 and again at 27-28. What makes these verses so phenomenal is that there Jesus Christ demonstrates his deity.
For the sake of ease, looking at Matthew 5:21-22 we read the following:
You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not murder; and whoever murders will be liable to judgment. But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment;”
Did you see Christ’s declaration that he is God? He begins by citing one the Ten Commandments, or the law of God. However, he then does something important; he adds to the law and there is only one person who can add to God’s law . . . God. However, Christ’s claim to deity in this way comes with a twist. It’s followed by a declaration that we are not God.
I’m sorry if you were expecting something more profound. My intention was not to draw you in with a deceptively intriguing headline. Instead, I find it important to mediate upon these words and consider the truth of what is being read because they bring a conviction that so many of us are often unwilling to yield to.
Read those verses again. Now consider this. As the Lord Jesus Christ demonstrates his own deity by adding to the law, that addition to the law renders men and women incapable of meeting it. While we want to have control and while we think we have a capacity to please God with who we are, these verses take away any opportunity that we think we might have in saving ourselves.
For this reason, I frequently turn to these verses because through the work of the Holy Spirit, they often break people who are works-oriented. For the unbeliever then, these verses must cause a deep examination upon the heart and soul. For the believer, these verses force us to our knees in adoration, worship, and praise. With these verses in mind, consider the significance of who you are, who Christ is, and who you are with or without Christ.
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