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Pro Reading Tip: Reading Is An Opportunity to Commune with God

It goes without saying that the Bible is the primary book worth reading, the only book that contains nothing but the truth, and has the ability to transform lives and draw people to God. Therefore, it should be the primary book in our lives. However, this does not mean we should not read other books, whether fiction or not or whether directly Christian or not. All books have the propensity to be used by God in our lives to inform and transform.
One of the great things about books is their ability to draw us into stories through the characters. The characters can be funny or serious, unique or common, or any number of other characteristics. Often times we can relate to them because they portray people we know or portray ourselves. However, a well-written book should also have the ability to draw us to God. Reading is more than a passive task but actually, has the propensity to be something incredibly profound when we recognize that it is an opportunity to commune with God.
It goes without saying that when we read the Bible it is done in communion with God. This is especially true when every book we read is read as it should be . . . in light of what Scripture says. So reading can help us commune with God in three distinct ways:
  • Reading Books Helps Us to See God: Sometimes there are people who understand things more clearly than we do. There are also others who are able to convey things more clearly. As a result, sometimes it takes those people to teach and explain to us so that we may understand the things of God better and apply them appropriately.
  • Reading Books Helps Us to See God’s Creation: Books written about the culture point us to God’s sovereignty, God’s design, and God’s will. We can see how processes and institutions function in light of how God had designed them and what happens when God is abandoned.
  • Reading Books Helps Us to See God’s People: Finally, books help us to see the people around us and understand them. Even a well-written novel has the ability to teach us to understand others in a way we may not have thought about before.
As a result, reading can draw us closer to God if we are intentional about how we read.
The result is of reading is not merely about knowledge it’s not merely about character development. Reading is about knowing God, including his creation and his people, and responding to that knowledge accordingly. Therefore, I would urge you to make more out of your reading time by recognizing it as an opportunity to commune with God.
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