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Productivity Prompter: Be Less Productive

Certainly, all of us can appreciate the way in which technology has created opportunities and generated certain capabilities in our lives. We have access to information, we have access to tools, and we have access to people in ways that we never had before. However, those capabilities also come with responsibility. They can either help or hinder our productivity, and our propensity to reach for any tool that gives any benefit is causing issues in ways not often recognized.
The whole point of productivity tools and apps on our computers, tablets, and smartphones is to help to make us more proficient in areas in which we are deficient. Such a motive is admirable and often compels us to adopt anything that gives a perceived benefit. The result is the acceptance of anything that gives any benefit. However, such a definition is not indicative of usefulness or ability to increase productivity. For example, years ago I had to start maintaining a calendar simply to keep order. There are some great calendar apps out there that are spectacular, and it was easy to be drawn into each of them for their individual benefits. However, working across multiple devices and operating systems, created issues because some apps worked with one platform while others only worked with another. The result is that in order to log appointments, meetings, etc. inputting them required individual actions on each device. Such actions decrease productivity not increase it. For me then, it meant a compromise with something that may not have all of the bells and whistles that I prefer and/or enjoy for something that was more functional to my needs across all platforms. There are some who are even inclined to pick up an app out of excitement for what an app may produce even though there is no need for that particular benefit. It creates more work by making us do something that was never necessary in the first place.
Sometimes to be more productive we have to forgo the benefits. It is not necessary to adopt any tool that provides any benefit. To do so has the propensity to take away our time from more important things such as spending time with our family and with our Lord. Therefore, sometimes you don’t need to be more productive, you need to be less productive (and more qualitative). Looking forward to this week, take the opportunity to evaluate your tools and minimize where needed and maximize where needed for the purposes of being a good steward of your time for the Lord.

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

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