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Unshelved: What I Read in October 2017

Groucho Marx once said, “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” Such words capture both the importance of reading and the devolution of the mind encumbered by television. In writing that, I stand just as convicted by the frequency with which the television is on in my own life. Reading utilizes the senses, engages the minded, indulges the imagination, and invites learning.
One of my goals is to invite others to read with me and compel people to read more. So in hopes of encouraging that reading, here’s a look at what I read last month:
  • Books of Inquisitiveness: Yes, I picked up and rapidly completed Hilary Clinton’s, What Happened. First off, I think it is important to read books from people who we may disagree with (in terms of religion, politics, culture, or whatever discipline) so reading this book shouldn’t be a surprise. After an eventful election, it was a book that incited my curiosity and after reading it, I certainly have some interesting thoughts on the subject, but that’s not for here (and you won’t find me doing a review of this book here).
  • Books of Intrigue: Some true, some fiction, the books making there way here were books involving spy games. While the fictional works  The Marching Season and The Confessor by Daniel Silva offered some light reading, the historical books True Believer (Kati Marton) and The Mathews Men (William Geroux) each offered up some aspects of of U.S. relations with others during the difficult WWII era. True Believer captures the life of Noel Field and his tragic life as a man who turned against his own country and became a spy for Stalin. The Mathews Men captures the lives of those in Mathews, were a high proportion of the population is influenced by the events on the water, in particular the fight against the German U-boats.
  • Books of (Christian) Interest: Finally, for the Christian comes the most important area of reading, Christian living. As part of my morning devotions, I have been reading through the ESV Reader’s set, something I would highly recommend to everyone, and was able to complete the historical books this past month. Unfortunately, the other two books (The Whole Bible Story and Fusion) in this section were for book reviews and fell flat. They did little to compel growth and incite a deeper relationship with God
Notably lacking this month are more ‘solid’ and ‘deep’ books in the area of Christian living. Fighting sickness for a couple of weeks, I sought out books that I could read with less engagement, which is what you see. But, no intense cold was doing to get in the way of reading something.
Whether you find something on this list that intrigues you, or you look for another book, pick up something. Learn, grow, and draw closer to God through your reading. It only takes about 15 minutes a day to complete a book and half a month.

To purchase any of the books listed here, click the following links:

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