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CSB Spurgeon Study Bible ~ A Book Review

It has been almost a year now since the Holman Christian Standard Bible underwent major review and revisions including updated text and a name change to simply the Christian Standard Bible. Those changes came not only with some textual updates, but the Bible itself got a facelift of updates, including new formats, layouts, and volumes. Thus, this year has seen the release of a plethora of new Bibles featuring the Christian Standard text. The most recent addition, perhaps one of the most unique, and certainly highly anticipated by many was the addition of the CSB Spurgeon Study Bible.
One of the first considerations that must be dealt with is the text itself. There was much to appreciate about the previous version and I lament some of those aspects were taken away. However, at the same time some of those changes are understandable in order to update the text, maintain consistency, and continue fidelity to God’s Word. For a more detailed look at some of my thoughts on those changes, you can click here. Often I still use the previous text for my daily readings and study, however, the text of the new Christian Standard Bible is still very good and should be commended. Therefore, the use of this Bible based upon the text alone is an excellent choice.
Beyond the text of the Bible itself, one then must consider that this is a Bible built upon the notes, sermons, and writings of Charles Spurgeon. The mere mention of his name can be polarizing. Some avoid Spurgeon because of his declaration as a calvinist. Others avoid him because he was a baptist. Still more dislike of his defense of the gospel. During his life he was hated on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and that continues today. Regardless of those points though, there is much to learn from his teaching, his discipleship, and his example. Therefore, setting aside discussions about his theology and positions, there is much to be gained by spending time in this particular Bible.
The advantages here are that some of the most powerful notes to come out of Spurgeon’s ministry are joined together and placed directly with the verses that they reference. The simplicity, yet powerful observations that come with the words of Charles Spurgeon comes four points:
  • Appreciation of Scripture: Certainly Spurgeon considered the Bible to be authoritative and one can appreciate its true beauty and value from the insights.
  • Appreciation of God: From Genesis 1:1 it is easy to read Spurgeon’s Words and be enthralled with who God is, thus pushing believers to incline their hearts more to him.
  • Appreciation of Christ: Like gaining an appreciation of God, Spurgeon was a Christ-centered preacher who exalted Christ in every aspect at every opportunity, therefore, you can expect to see that come out here.
  • Appreciation of the Gospel: Finally, Charles Spurgeon was a man oriented and motivated by the gospel. As the focal point of his ministry, it is the focal point his teachings as well.
Each of us could grow in our appreciation and thus, these four points are beneficial for all of us.
To accomplish the promotion of appreciation, the Bible is like any study Bible, coming with notes for the verses and a variety of articles. Those additional articles include a biography of Spurgeon, varying quotes and illustrations and even the inclusion of 20 sermons.

Therefore, there is much to be gained from the CSB Spurgeon Study Bible, from the insights of the text itself to the notes that come with it. One major aspect that should not be overlooked is the role that Alistair Begg played in putting together the information contained within the Bible. As a man who has spent much time in Spurgeon’s writings (he has also edited versions of the Morning & Evening devotionals) he is a solid pick to help construct this work. That notion alone should cause many to consider picking up this Bible for the sake of studying and understanding, even if total agreement with Spurgeon is not found from you. There are great benefits in utilizing it.

To purchase a copy of the CSB Spurgeon Study Bible, click here. You can also learn more about the Bible by visiting the website,

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this Bible from the publisher for the purposes of review. However, the review was not influenced in any way by the publisher, editor, or any other person associated with the book and is instead the result of my own reading of the book.

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