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Productivity Prompter: Avoid the Any Benefit Rule

Being productive is God-glorifying. It’s an opportunity to steward the resources that God has gifted each individual, prioritize him first, and accomplish what he has called each of us to because of that gifting and prioritizing. Therefore, being more productive (in a godly sense) requires that we focus on the things of God. It also requires that we be mindful of how we are productive, evaluating the tools and systems we have in place and their role as a help or hindrance.
Personally, as I evaluate tools to bring into my array of systems, it is easy for me to see how something can work and thus, adopt it as my own. However, while not alone in doing this, just having any benefit does not make something worthwhile. Our tendency is to look at something and say “If it has any benefit whatsoever, then we must have it.” As a result, we are quick to pick up the latest ‘trick,’ ‘tip,’ or ‘fad’ on the mere suggestion that it can provide one function.
However, this any benefit rule that we have adopted does not necessarily translate into increased productivity or better functionality. These days we clutter our kitchen counters with devices that have limited function and little use because of this mentality.  In the same way, we clutter our computers and phones with apps that also have limited function and use and we do so on the sole basis that we can use it for something. The result is clutter (like the kitchen counter) which results in less effectiveness of the space and tools we have.
Therefore, it becomes necessary to discern whether or not the tool has more than just a benefit, but that it will add value by aiding our processes and systems. The goal is to steward our resources from God for God. Therefore, when adopting a new tool we must simply ask, will this detract from what is already in place or will it make it function better for the purposes of fulfilling our calling to God and glorifying him all the more.
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