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Year in Review: My Top Reads of 2017

It’s been a good year for reading. I’ve been excited by the books that I have been able to read, whether it be those words that bring forth Scripture for spiritual growth or even some of my exciting fiction reads have been enjoyable and even caused me to consider certain aspects of life more deeply. Therefore, I find it a great joy to share with you some of my favorite reads of 2017.
While this time of year brings forth many lists, there is a key distinction with my list. Not all of the books mentioned here have been necessarily been published in 2017. Some are from 2017 while many are from years past and you will notice that they are divided into four categories. Please note that these are not in any particular order. I pray that on this list you will find some encouragement to read, perhaps by a particular book that entices your interests (you can click the links to see them on Amazon). Enjoy!
Biblical Studies/Christian Living
Cultural Studies (usually research-oriented books that give us insight into the culture)
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