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Top Articles from 2017

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Like many bloggers, I enjoy looking back at my blog from the past year and seeing what is that people read the most. While many of the articles are anticipated, there are a few that show up unexpectedly and it is always interesting to see those. So as my final post of the year (apart from tomorrow’s Weekend Worldview) here is a look at my most read articles from 2017.
  1. Transforming Language: The CSB’s Use of Words: Perhaps one of the biggest movements of this year in Bible publishing was the update to the Holman Christian Standard Bible (now renamed the Christian Standard Bible) and a new publishing of all kinds of resources utilizing the update version. While I preferred the older version, I’m not opposed to this update as you can read in the article. Honestly, the popularity of this article was a surprise . . . it garnered almost three times as many reads as the second most read article on this list.
  2. Goliath Must Fall ~ A Book Review: A book review of Louie Giglio’s most recent book. Of all the books I reviewed this year, I’m surprised that this one finds itself as the second most read article of the year.
  3. Un Método Para Estudiar y Marcar La Biblia: This isn’t my article, but is one from a friend that I translated into Spanish. In my opinion it is by far one of the best methods to highlighting a Bible. You can read the English version here.
  4. Running Over an NFL Running Back: A response to a community’s overreaction to comments made my a former NFL running back who is now a doctor in a letter to the editor.
  5. The Blessing of a Trump Presidency: Now almost a year into Donald Trump’s presidency and I can tell you the the truth of this article still remains.
  6. The Crypt of Civilization: One man made the determination to capture all that he good about civilization of his day (1940) and guard it for a future civilization (in the year 8113). It was an act that demonstrates human behavior. This article had plenty of reads when it was written, but remained about average until August, when all of a sudden it started getting tons of reads; I’m still not sure why.
  7. Biblical Doctrine ~ A Book Review: The much awaited John MacArthur systematic theology was published with the help of the Master’s Seminary and University. This is my review.
  8. The Missing Elements of the DACA Discussion: President Trump’s actions on DACA raised a lot of discussion points, but few discussed it from a Christian standpoint. There are some important points that we should be considering and that was what this article was all about.
  9. Reading the Bible Supernaturally ~ A Book Review: John Piper is a prolific author, but this book in particular was pretty exceptional. You can read my review of it here.
  10. What I Learned After Reading the Harry Potter Books: As a Christian I am very aware of the frequent criticism of this series. However, after reading it myself, I rather enjoyed it and so here were some of my thoughts on the subject.
And with that, I wrap up my year of writing and look forward to next year! Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
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