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Pro Reading Tip: To Read Better, Read Your Bible More

Personally, I find it a great disappointment that more people don’t read. I do not mean simply read more books per year, because I understand the limits on time, understanding, speed, etc. that may cause a person to read less or more than others. That’s fine. However, I find it discouraging that more people do not actively invest time to read. Many people are content to not pick up a book all year, opting first to pick up their phone in moments of free time before picking up a book. Therefore, I find it necessary to continually urge others to read more frequently and more engagingly.
There are a variety of ways in which we can improve our reading ability. However, there is one action that one can take to improve their reading ability (that most people probably aren’t doing already): reading the Bible. While we may not realize it, reading the Bible enables us to read anything better. This is because the Bible shapes so much of who we are because of its use by the Holy Spirit to transform us.
As a result of what the Bible is, the very Word of God, it has the ability to inform us on the creation around us. Consider that the Bible teaches us the following:
  • It teaches us that God exists.
  • It teaches us that God created all things.
  • It teaches us that God is sovereign over all things.
  • It teaches us that sin infects everything that we are, say, and do.
  • It teaches us that Christ is the solution to sin.
  • It teaches us that one day there will be reconciliation or eternal condemnation because of that sin and one’s belief.
  • It teaches us that absolute truth does exist.
The list could certainly continue, but even just these basic principles can impact our ability to read.
While it may not be immediately discernible, when the Bible teaches us aspects of theology proper that impact our practical theology (daily living) it can directly impact how we read. In fact, I would tell you that when we read the Bible and learn from it, it can do the following to our reading capabilities:
  1. It Creates a Worldview: As absolute truth, the Bible creates a worldview for us (an accurate one at that) that allows readers to understand what they are reading even beyond what the author may understand.
  2. It Compels Critical Thinking: Additionally, when we understand the truth that comes from Scripture, it forces us to question what is being said and evaluate it against that truth.
  3. It Causes Interpretation: Not only does our understanding of Scripture force readers to think critically about what is being said, but readers then have an ability to interpret that rightly.
  4. It Concludes a Need for God: Finally, any interpretation of any book will demonstrate the need for God.
With these four aspects providing influence, reading functions at a higher capacity in which a person can learn, understand, and respond.
While reading is important, reading the Bible is the most important. This is because the Bible defines everything that goes on around us, through us, and in us. Reading the Bible even has the propensity to impact ‘other’ reading that we engage in. Therefore, to read better, read your Bible more.
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