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Unshelved ~ What I Read in February 2018

Because of what reading is, it is something that must be engaged in with intentionality. One has to be purposeful in choosing a book, picking it up to read, and laying it down when it’s time for a break. I’ve learned that the amount I read requires me to be intentional in utilizing opportunities of spare time. It could be catching a few pages in line at the grocery store or taking an hour before going to bed, however, it means that a person must plan for those moments otherwise he may be caught without a book or distracted by everything else competing for attention.
I share this because this month has been one of those months in which I did not take hold of those moments as well. Although, without making excuses, this month and next carry some extraordinary circumstances that will certainly impact my reading. With that said, my reading was a little bit less than normal with me finishing only seven books. So here is what that looked like this month:
Books that Exhort the Cross:
Books that Exhibit a Need for the Cross:
  • Great Thinkers: Thomas Aquinas by K. Scott Oliphint: A short book that guides readers through the teachings of Thomas Aquinas. Oliphint is exceptional at trying to ease readers through a very difficult topic of apologetics, showing the need for discernment in the Christian life (You can read my review of the book here).
  • Still Life by Louise Penney: One of the mystery series I am making my way through, Penney adds the flair of literature and deep thinking through Chief Inspector Gamache of Quebec.
  • The President’s Club by Nancy Gibbs: Gibbs has an interesting vista on the lives former presidents as she describes the interaction between presidents and former presidents from President Truman through President Obama.
  • The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein: Life through a dog’s eyes is this author’s method of engagement. It’s a fascinating book of literature, although it has some points that are contrary to Christianity.
This is not merely a list of what I read, but hopefully a motivator to others. Perhaps it is an encouragement to grasp the moments of opportunity to read more. Perhaps there is a book that piques your interest. Whatever the case may be, be encouraged to pick up a book this month.
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