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High King of Heaven ~ A Book Review

“Our praise to Christ is only as deep as our understanding of His glorious person and work is rooted in the truth” (1). It would do us well to go further and venture that all that comes out of the life a person lives is dependent upon his view of Christ. An exalted view of Christ leads to an exalted life for Christ. It would seem that much help is needed to lead us to a more elevated perspective of both who Christ is and what Christ does.
High King of Heaven brings together a litany of scholars (many known and some unknown) calling upon each to utilize his giftedness to draw readers’ attention to the Lord Jesus Christ. Divided into four parts, the book is a collection of 23 essays by 23 men that examine the person of Christ, the work of Christ, the word of Christ, and the Witness of Christ. I take great pleasure in being able to say that not only is this an exceptional book, but it is a beautiful book. The design, layout, and typeset make the reading experience all the more enjoyable While content is more important, it is rare that I am able to comment on the general aesthetics of a book and am taken in by them.
While each chapter is short, it is not an easy read. Therefore, readers should be prepared to invest time reading and meditating upon the material. In fact, High King of Heaven is best read with a pen in hand, ready to take notes as you can, preferably directly into one’s Bible. Those notes will lead readers on a journey through Scripture, from Old Testament through the New Testament, learning about both Chris’s eternal existence and His physical one. However, each author writes not only to teach readers about Christ but to teach them how to respond to Christ. Therefore, what readers are treated to is a book that is both theological and practical.
There is one additional aspect to the book that makes it noteworthy also; it is hermeneutical. Because the entirety of Scripture teaches of Christ, the authors spend much time cross-referencing to other passages giving readers a full breadth of understanding. As the authors dissect their passages, they do so in such a way that teaches a process for interpreting Scripture, particularly Old Testament passages, through a Christocentric lens, without overreaching beyond the message of the passage.
While the writing at times can be a bit stiff, the authors write very clearly and cleanly. Therefore, each is easy to follow, which is helpful when the material is dense and can be difficult to comprehend by itself. They do well at simply offering up the information and getting out of the way so that readers can meditate upon the truths of Scripture.
High King of Heaven puts forth 23 essays that can be read individually or as a whole book. Regardless of how they are read, the point is to spend time reading them. This is an incredible book that permits readers to see who Christ is and respond to Him with a more profound love in a more profound way.

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher at no cost to me for the purposes of review. However, my review was not influenced in any way by the author, publisher, or anyone else associated with this book and is the result of my own reading of it.

(1) This quote comes from Mike Riccardi in chapter 9 of the book (pg. 108).

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