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Finding the Love of Jesus ~ A Book Review

For those involved in the biblical counseling discipline, especially for women, then the mere mention of Elyse Fitzpatrick’s name will generate recognition. Holding both certifications and degrees in biblical counseling, she is well-known for her conference speaking and her many books. Newly added to that list is Finding the Love of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation. 
The title captures the very essence of Fitzpatrick’s purpose and the path she takes to fulfill that purpose. As one would expect, she simply draws from Scripture to show the Redeemer’s love so that other women may be encouraged. However, this is not a mere selection of passages, but instead, each chapter focuses on a particular section (Pentateuch, Prophets, Wisdom, etc.) covering each until she has systematically offered a perspective from all of Scripture (hence the title from Genesis to Revelation).
At times Fitzpatrick is accused of being a bit ‘soft’ as she approaches Scripture because of an emotional appeal that her writings and teachings might contain. There is a peak of that orientation towards the beginning of the book with references to Jesus as a believer’s bestie or that the Bible is a love letter. Perhaps some would call me too rigid for harping on this point; in some ways, it is a minor point I’ll admit. However, these types of references undermine the authority of the Word. While not wanting to take away from the ‘informality’ and closeness of both Jesus Christ and His Scripture, neither do I want to us to minimize the significance of their priority and position.
Apart from that very minor point though, Fitzpatrick’s writing has a lot of value. More than merely sharing the meaning of particular passages, the book is hermeneutical. The author is straightforward in her analysis of Scripture and as she looks at each text readers are taught proper rules of interpretation. This is further enhanced by the follow-up questions used to close out each chapter. Each chapter consists of a group of questions for self-examination and consideration and another set of questions that compel readers to read and examine Scripture. More than most books, these questions are thoughtful and force one to be attentive and pensive.
Fitzpatrick offers a book that while may stir personal growth, it is rightly oriented towards Christ. Truthfully, I was uncertain of what kind of book I would find, especially after reading the introduction and opening pages. However, the book is quite pleasing and would be beneficial for women desiring to know more about their Redeemer.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher at no cost to me for the purposes of review. However, the review was not influenced in any way by the publisher, author, or any other person associated with the book, but instead is the result of my own reading of it.

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