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Unshelved ~ What I Read in May 2018

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, summer is drawing nearer, and as you take your family vacations, relax during your free moments, and step away from normal routines, there is one thing I would implore you to do: please take the opportunity to read. You’re on vacation, so even if it is not something overtly serious or involved, simply read. Last week I shared some of my recommended summer reads (which you can read about by clicking here). Take a look at the list and see if there is something there for you or look at this list (or past ones). I pray that there is something there that will motivate you to take the opportunity to read more.
In my personal reading endeavor, May has included some heavier books that have required more of my attention (several I am still working through). So this list is shorter, and the books listed tend to be fairly casual in their reading. So here is a look at what I personally read through the month:
  • Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose: A long but very exciting read about going west after the Louisiana Purchase by examining the well-known trip of Lewis & Clark.
  • Expository Exultation by John Piper: A stunning book to round out the trilogy of books that Piper has put out in the last three years (which include A Peculiar Glory and Reading the Bible Supernaturally). This one focused on the task of preaching (read my book review here).
  • Eschatological Discipleship by Trevin Wax: I’m still digesting this book. It had some great points and others that I am still thinking about (read my book review here).
  • The Cruelest Month and Rule Against Murder by Louise Penny: The literary brilliance of Louise Penny makes her books enjoyable and she is one of the regular mystery authors that I read. I’m making my way through the Inspector Gamache series, which is why you see two books listed.
  • The Odyssey by Homer (translated by Robert Fagles): I try to be actively reading at least one classic novel a month (even if I don’t complete it in the month). This month I went back to my AP English days in high school to remember The Odyssey, a book that I had long forgotten.
  • Finding the Love of Jesus by Elyse Fitzpatrick: I don’t remember when I last read anything by Elyse Fitzpatrick and enjoyed this short hermeneutical work (read my book review here).
  • Grace Like Scarlett by Adriel Booker: Addressing the loss of a child (primarily through miscarriage) I was disappointed in what this book turned out to be (you can read my review here).
  • On Writing Well by William Zinsser: A premier book on how to write well. It’s been awhile and the refresher was much needed.
June is underway, and already so is my reading. I hope yours is too! Have a book you enjoyed or want a recommendation. Feel free to use the contact me link to share with me. Enjoy your time of reading in June!
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