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When We Say Father ~ A Book Review

The Lord’s Prayer is an intricate construction of words expressing the relationship between  believers and their God. Each word strategically placed carries meaning so significant that if we quickly read or recite it, we are certain to miss the profound implications contained in a few short sentences. Editing the final manuscript of his father, Adrian Rogers, Steve Rogers has collaborated with the manuscript to provide an intensive study of the Lord’s Prayer now available in When We Say Father.
While the Lord’s Prayer of Matthew 6:9-13 provides a simple pattern for prayer, this book devotes a little emphasis to the form of the prayer while focusing much more on the content of the prayer. The authors supply a lot of information in only seven chapters covering 144 pages and in true expositor form, chapter titles, divisions, and points are organized in an easy to remember pattern (i.e. using a word that starts with the same letter to start the point). Each chapter is an in-depth study of each concept presented in the Lord’s prayer, following the. order of the text. More than just an explanation of each word, Adrian & Steve Rogers lay out cross-references, principles, and applications of each concept that direct readers to a deeper relationship with God.
When We Say Father is not merely a book about prayer or how to pray, but how live. For example, when discussing the pardon of prayer in chapter four (forgive us as we forgive) the authors lay out four aspects of why we should forgive others, four parts to God’s forgiveness of us, and three results from forgiveness. The depth is indicative of what readers will find in every chapter.
Adding to the value of the book are the examples that the authors provide. Examples can go a long way to aide the exposition of a text. However, it can be easy to rely on too many examples or choose ones only superficially related to the text. Yet, when a well-chosen example is utilized it can bring clarity to otherwise complex subjects and those chosen by the authors do just that.
While the intricacies of the Lord’s Prayer make it a profound study, When We Say Father is written for the greatest impact with the fewest amount of words. Thus, the book is an easy read, but readers will be rewarded immensely for their time. Therefore, it should be a book that all take time to read.

Two Recommendations: When reading the book, note the outline and points of the material in your Bible and constantly refer back to it. Additionally, this book is worth teaching to others, and so utilizing it in a small group or with an accountability partner would be wise.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher at no cost to me for the purposes of review. However, my review was not influenced in any way by the author, publisher, or any other person associated with this book and is the result of my own reading of the book. 

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