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Unshelved ~ What I Read in August (2018)

This week my one and half year old daughter brought her pillow into the kitchen and promptly laid down on it. Then she did something that elated me immensely. She pulled out some of her books and began to thumb through them s though she was reading and understanding them. All three of our children love books even though they can’t read yet.
Reading should be an ongoing aspect of our daily living. It is my joy to encourage others to read by sharing book reviews, giving recommendations, and challenging others to read specific books. As a result, I like to encourage others in their reading by sharing what I have read. So here is a look at what I read in the month of August (click the titles to read more about the book):
Biblical Studies:
Biographical & Historical Sketches:
  • Last Hope Island by Lynne Olson: A tremendous book about WWII and the governments that sought refuge in England after being driven from their countries. I highly recommend this book
  • The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones by Steve Lawson: A short and insightful profile of Martyn Lloyd-Jones as part of the Long Line of Godly Men series.
  • In My Father’s Eyes by Franklin Graham: Franklin Graham’s biography of his father, Billy Graham. Despite some theological and practical differences, the book was an enjoyable read.
  • 12 Faithful Men edited by Collin Hansen and Jeff Robinson: Portraits of the sacrifices of faithful Christians of the past. Read my review here.
Books of Fiction:
  • A Great Reckoning by Louise Penny: My continuation of the Chief Inspector Gamache series. I enjoy mystery novels, but I limit myself to only five authors, Penny being one of them because of her use of literary devices.
  • Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng: This came recommended, and then went on sale, so I picked up to fulfill a line item on my yearly reading challenge. Truthfully, several weeks later I am still not sure how I feel about this book, both as a story and as a piece of literature.
And that is a look at the books that filled my reading time this past month. We are nearly two-thirds way through the year, so let me ask, how are you progressing on your reading goals for the year?
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