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Social Justice & The Gospel (Part 2)

The gospel is not merely a message, but a significant story that conveys God’s justification, Christ’s propitiation, and man’s salvation. The gospel is not bound by cultures, languages, or personalities. Instead, it’s ability to traverse each of these makes it a force that unites people for the same cause under service for the same God. Under the gospel then the social justice movement that is radicalizing the nation would be unnecessary because no difference between humanity exists.
This is not to deny that unfair discrimination does not exist. The evidence shows quite the contrary. However, the current rhetoric involved in waging these current cultural wars is one of hatred characterized more by emotion and less by facts. The result is not less division, but more division (which was addressed in part one and can be read by clicking here). The severity and sharpness of the hatred taking places demand a reaction that reorients our nation towards the heart of the issue.
The solution is the gospel. Therefore, we must do the following:
  • Change the Gospel: The gospel message found within the confines of Scripture is perfect because it comes from a perfect God. However, we cannot succumb to a false gospel advocated by many of the messengers of today, including those who undermine it or unite it to secular authorities in order to promote a specific ‘social’ issue. Therefore, we must resist efforts to transform the gospel and return back to the one, true gospel which indicates that all people are created in the image of God, yet now exist in the same fallen states and therefore all in need of a savior who accepts all who would come to him, not based upon anything except His grace and their confession.
  • Change the Mentality: The true gospel does not divide but unites. Its application to who we are transforms our mentality to recognize who people are, not in our eyes, but in God’s eyes. This aspect of the gospel distinguishes it from secular ideologies because it avoids discrimination and partiality. Therefore, the gospel should enter the mind and permeate the heart, causing a shift in the way in which we deal with people.
  • Change the Definition: Finally, acceptance of the true gospel will cause a change in definitions. The secular world has hijacked two concepts and redefined them according to their own ideologies: people and discrimination. Not everything labeled discrimination is actually discrimination. For many, sin has been redefined to make it acceptable, yet the gospel tells us sin is offensive to God and needs to be labeled as such. Additionally, the gospel redefines people, not solely based on gender or ethnicity. Instead, as earlier stated, the gospel sees people as needing a Savior or in light of their Savior.
The only way to overcome the ‘social’ barriers placed upon our society is through reconciliation with God. Only once reconciled to Him, will they be reconciled to one another.

(1) If you have not read the recently released statement, you can visit

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